Telecom Services
We work in partnership with several European International Premium Rate Number (IPRN) and retail traffic providers. Each of them works with hundreds of content providers and carriers around the world. Our partnerships allow us to select the right partner for you.

Retail traffic

If you work for a mobile operator, you are likely familiar with retail minutes. Our partners aggregate telecommunication minutes from more than 100 countries and reliably ensure you are monetised for terminating the traffic they send you.

IPRN Services

IPRN traffic is a cost-free method for telecom service providers to grow revenue and gross margin by increasing voice and SMS traffic to their networks.

How it works

  1. A mobile operator provides the partner we select with a number range with pre-defined premium rates.
  2. Our partner collects voice and SMS audiotext traffic from carriers from 100+ countries.
  3. Our partner sends traffic on-air via one connection (optional) to the number range the mobile operator provided. The latter terminates the traffic.
  4. The mobile operator sends the traffic back to our partner off-air via a single IP connection.

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